Peace Boat

about peace boat

Established in 1983, Peace Boat is a Japan-based international NGO that works to promote peace, human rights, and sustainability. With 35 years of experience, Peace Boat has organized close to 70 around-the-world voyages, visiting more than 270 ports in 70 countries.

Each year Peace Boat organizes five voyages, drawing over 1,000 participants of all ages. Its onboard and in-port programs use travel and education to explore the main aspects of Peace Boat’s activities–peace, human rights, and sustainability.

Peace Boat voyages create an environment in which participants can live, learn, and relax together while visiting some of the most fascinating regions on earth. During each voyage, Peace Boat organizes a range of educational activities, including lectures by guest educators, workshops, language classes, and cultural programs. The themes of these activities link Peace Boat’s fields of work with contemporary issues in the countries it visits, connecting participants with people around the world.