The experience

Life onboard

Peace Boat creates an environment in which participants can live, learn and relax together while visiting some of the most fascinating regions on earth. During each voyage, Peace Boat organizes a range of educational activities, including language classes, peace education workshops, lectures, and cultural programs. The themes of these activities link Peace Boat’s fields of work with contemporary issues in the countries visited.

Each Peace Boat voyage includes a fascinating mix of people from different cultures, ages, professions and countries. The wide range of experiences, outlooks and viewpoints on building a culture of peace combine to create an eclectic onboard environment that mirrors the diversity of the world and its peoples.

Since its foundation in 1983, Peace Boat has been active in peace education through the organization of educational voyages, as well as study and exchange programs all over the world.

All participants are encouraged to contribute to life onboard by sharing their skills, talents and interests through the organization of their own events. The result is a constantly changing daily schedule of dozens of activities, including expert lectures on global issues, salsa dance classes, Swahili conversation lessons, music festivals, documentary movie screenings, soccer games on deck and whatever special skills, knowledge or experience that a Peace Boat participant may wish to share.